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Le Mont Saint Michel

km                             s Stage 1       23/6/2019    Le  Mont-Saint-Michel  -> Saint-Malo  58 km   5


The start of the 2nd France Footrace Tour (FFRT) will be given on the 23rd June 2019 at the foot of the Mont Saint-Michel.

Equally known as “An Occidental Wonder”, The Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most famous monuments in France. After 4 kilometres and with the Mont Saint-Michel Bay always in the background, the FFRT will set its sights towards the well-known historical pirate’s city. It’s to the nonstop rhythm of the highest tides in Europe that you’ll cross these naturally preserved polders that stretch along the Brittany coastline.

On arrival at the end of this first stage under the ramparts of Saint-Malo, we’ll take the sea bus to reach Dinard and the municipal campsite “Port Blanc” facing the sea.

Saint - Malo

                         Stage 2   24/06/2019    Dinard -> St-Méen-le-Grand   76  km 

We’ll leave this highly reputed seaside resort, particularly for the British and Americans, and take the Eurovélo V4 & V3 bike path in the direction of Traden-Dinan along the banks of the River Rance. The crossing of Brittany will take us, for this 2nd stage, to Saint-Méen-le-Grand in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine. The FFRT 2019 bivouac is set up in the municipal campsite. 

Château de la Ville Der

                      Stage 3    25/06/2019     St-Méen-le-Grand -> Roc-St-André  50 km 

After a night in the campsite of Saint-Méen-le-Grand and an interactive visit to the “Tous à vélo avec Louison Bobet” museum, we’ll take the direction of Saint-Onen-la-Chapelle. A quiet road for 20 km will take the FFRT pack to Mauron to pick up the Brittany “Voie Verte” (hiking path) to Ploërmel. From the Duc lakeside, this path overlooks some magnificent views of green valleys and the Nantes to Brest canal. This stage finishes 10 km further on at Roc-Saint-André.


                          Stage 4     26/06/2019   Roc-St-André  -> Guenrouet   68  km

This 4th stage of the FFRT will run along a long portion of the Nantes to Brest canal tow paths. The Nantes to Brest canal is quite small joining up the two towns, it was constructed during the first half of the 19th century, and its total length is 364 km.

The FFRT 2019 pack will easily reach Guenrouet (elevation 203 m) and its very comfortable campsite “Saint Clair”.


 5                                     S    Stage 5  27/06/2019  7Guenrouet -> Nantes   73 km 


For the last time the FFRT 2019 runners will be carried along by the peaceful charm of the Nantes to Brest canal towpath. Passing the Sainte-Claire Quay and leaving Guenrouet the atmosphere becomes a little more savage, allowing observation of the plant and animal life that surrounds Isac. At the 50th kilometre the scenery changes, we’ll leave the canal side and follow the River Erdre arriving at Nantes where the bivouac is installed at the municipal campsite.

Port St Père et son camping
                               Stage 6    28/06/2019   Nantes -> Port-Saint-Père   34 km

Leaving the Nantes campsite, the 6th stage of the FFRT 2019 is a short stage of only 34 kilometres. The runners will have the chance to run through the Town centre thanks to the network of bike lanes, only 15 kilometres to get to the Indre department and cross the River Loire via the ferry. After a 5 minute crossing you’ll take the direction of Port-Saint-Père and the bivouac installed at the municipal campsite.


                     Stage 7    29/06/2019   Port-St-Père -> Ntre-Dame-de-Monts   62  km

After a night in the charming small campsite of Port-Saint-Père direction is taken towards the Vendée coast! This stage is the same as the 2015 Tour, retraced it offers many diverse landscapes. The 23 first kilometres will taking you to Bourgneuf-en-Retz are quite rural in regards to the road system… from there a change of scenery, the runners will roam between marshes and the ocean before continuing their way along the Vélodyssée towards Notre-Dame-de-Monts. The destination for this stage will be at the municipal campsite “L’Orgatte”, 400 m from the beach, in the middle of pine trees where the FFRT 2019 bivouac will be installed for the night by the Sky Run Team.


Les Sables d'Olonne

                                 Stage  8    30/06/2019   Ntre-Dame-de-Monts -> Sables-d'Olonne   67 km


This 8th stage is completely turned towards the sea, the 18 km on bike paths through the forest of the Pays de Monts will take the FFRT 2019 pack towards the dunes and to the big beach of Saint-Jean-de-Monts along the coast face. Before reaching the Vendéenne cliffs and the famous rocks of Sion-sur-l’Océan, you will trail through the ancient fishing village of Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez neighbouring Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie the well-known coastal resort. You’ll continue along the Vélodyssée towards Brétignolles-sur-Mer and the Brem-sur-Mer vineyards. The end of the stage will lead away from the sea and will weave its way along the Avocettes path between the Olonne forest and the old salt marshes to reach Les Sables d’Olonne and the marina. The runners will pass along the seafront to reach the campsite of Château d’Olonne, the end of the stage.


                      Stage 9  01/07/2019    Les Sables-d'Olonne  -> Marans      86 km

Just 1 km to cover from the campsite “Les Fosses Rouges” to reach the EV1, a dream of a route for the first part of the stage close to the sea, the beaches and the rocky coves, before moving inland through the forest of Longeville. After Tranche-sur-Mer at the 38th km the lagoon of La Belle Henriette is a unique area separated from the sea by a narrow strip of sand. Then Faute-sur-Mer that stretches towards the Arçay point will delight you. Next on to Saint-Michel-en-Herm by the dry marshes. At the 78th km change of department, the FFRT 2019 enters into Charente-Maritime for a voyage at the heart of a great stretch of marshes and crops interspersed by farms and barns right up until Marans, an agreeable river town where the arrival is at the towns’ municipal stadium.

Port-des-Barques/ l'ile Madame

                         Stage 10   02/07/2019    Marans -> Port-des-Barques      88  km

A long stage awaits the runners of the FFRT 2019 between Marans and Port-des-Barques. A nature run to start the stage along the Marans to La Rochelle towpaths, the canal was initially built to join up the 2 port towns in the 18th century. 24 km to find the ocean and the La Rochelle towers. The stage will continue along the bike path on the Attention the FFRT 2019 runners will take to new heights when crossing the Charente River by the viaduct of Martrou (42 m high) to re-join the bike path in the direction of Soubise and Port-des-Barques where the FFRT 2019 bivouac will be planted at the municipal campsite of La Garenne facing the “Ile Madame”.

Le Phare de Cordouan Royan

                        Stage 11  03/07/2019    Port-des-Barques -> Royan   70 km

The last stage along the ocean that will take us from Port-des-Barques to Royan. The FFRT 2019 runners will cover the first few sunrise kilometres on the quiet country lanes of the Moëze-Oléron natural reserve. At the 13th km passage through the surprising t own of Brouage, an ancient European commercial centre for the selling of salt, which became a military centre point in the 16th century. 8 km from passing Marennes, First European oyster farming centre, the journey will follow through the Seudre estuary and at the 26th km the runners will again re-join the Vélodyssée bike path taking them to La Palmyre via the Coubre forest. The end of the stage up to Royan will be majestic with a sea view, the lighthouse “Phare de Cordouan” and to finish the celebrated sea front to take up residence in the end of stage accommodation.

La citadelle de Blaye

                                Stage 12    04/07/2019    Royan -> Blaye     88  km

 A short time after leaving the bivouac, the stage will start at the Grande Conche beach of Royan. The itinerary will weave between tracks and quite roads to join up and travel through Mescher-sur-Gironde before gaining at the 20th km Talmont-sur-Gironde. The cliff of Caillaut and the square fishing nets left suspended in the air when not in use complete an ideal picture for this discovery of the Gironde estuary. The stage continues along quite roads and paths with some pronounced elevation just until the port of Mortagne-sur-Gironde at the 35th km. From Mortagne-sur-Gironde to Vitrezay, place is given to large landscapes of marshes bordered by hillsides where vineyards and crops dominate. At the port of Vitrezay, the TTFR 2019 runners will leave the Charente-Maritime and continue their adventure in the Gironde department, 28 km remain to reach the fortress of Blaye the work of Vauban. The TTFR 2019 bivouac can be found for the night at the municipal campsite situated within the ramparts of the Blaye fortress, listed in the UNESCO world heritage list.


                       Stage 13     05/07/2019     Blaye  >  Bordeaux  > Créon   65 km


The TTFR 2019 will leave the fortress campsite to get to the jetty for the ferry that will allow us to cross the Gironde estuary (20 mins.) and reach Lamarque. From Lamarque sitting in the heart of the Médoc region and the great wine designations, the start of the 13th stage will be given. This stage will take small roads through the vineyards (Château Margaux at the 8th km), wooded countryside and heaths of the Médoc until the doors of Bordeaux. A bike path will take the runners gently through the centre of Bordeaux, a seductive, dynamic city with exceptional urban groupings, where classical and neo-classical architecture sit beside quarters and buildings of the XVIIIth century converted into cultural and trendy venues.

At Bordeaux (40th km), after the Saint-Jean bridge a bike path, along banks of the Garonne will take you to Latresne where it links up to the Roger Lapébie bike route, named in memory of the winner of the 1937 Tour de France. Remarkably converted, this old railway line will take us to Créon. The end of the stage will be judged at the Bel-Air campsite as in 2015 during the 1st edition of the France Footrace Tour.

La Réole

                          Stage 14     06/07/2019       Créon ->  La   Réole   54  km

It will take FFRT 2019 the runners just 2 km to reach the beautiful Roger Lapébie bike path at Créon in the direction of Sauveterre-de-Guyenne 33 km further on. Travelling within the heart of the « Entre-deux-Mers » and in an ocean of vines, this transitional stage with more marked relief re-joins the Garonne canal at La Réole and the municipal campsite for the end of the stage.


                             Etape 15    07/07/2019   La  Réole  -> Clairac   60 km

After a night along the banks of the Garonne in the charming La Réole campsite, the FFRT 2019 runners will re-join the Garonne canal near to the Musée de l’Allumette (the match museum). A peaceful stage with a passage at the 10th km through the perched village of Meilhan-sur-Garonne. The strongest point along this “two seas canal” stage is at the 30th km at Mas-d’Agenais. The Saint-Vincent church is an architectural jewel, with Rembrandt’s “Christ on the cross”. Le stage will then take us to the fortified town of Damazan where the FFRT 2019 will definitively leave the Garonne canal. Just 14 km to go before reaching Clairac the town at the end of the stage and its campsite along the banks of the Lot River, the FFRT 2019 can now celebrate their 1st thousand kilometres.

Fumet et son château

                                Etape 16    08/07/2019   Clairac -> Fumel   76  km

  A beautiful stage leaving from Clairac awaits the FFRT 2019 runners, run for the most part along quiet roads along the banks of the Lot. This 76 km itinerary is punctuated by the large villages of Castelmoron-sur-Lot at the 12th km, Saint-Liverade-sur-Lot at the 22nd to reach Villeneuve-sur-Lot at the 40th km (sub-division of the Lot-et-Garonne department). 11 km before again reaching the banks of the Lot at Saint-Sylvestre-sur-Lot, the final 25 km of this stage is run along small roads to get to Fumel and the comfortable “Les Catalpas” campsite on the banks of the River Lot.


                                 Etape 17   09/07/2019    Fumel -> Cahors   71  km

Second stage in the splendid Lot valley punctuated by the beautiful villages of Puy-l’Evêque at the 19th km, Albas at the 38th, Luzech at the 44th, Douelle at the 55th and at last Cahors. The FFRT 2019 runners will take the famous Valentré Bridge to reach the Cabessut campsite on the Lot River bank.


                             Etape 18     10/07/2019    Cahors -> Rocamadour     60  km

 Leaving Cahors, the FFRT 2019 runners will have travelled over 1150 km from the Mont Saint-Michel. This stage is characterised by the first elevations (+ 1146 m). The FFRT 2019 pack will have the chance to discover the “Causses du Quercy” Regional Natural Park and the numerous villages, typically “Lotoise”, like Labastide-Murat 35 km before reaching Rocamadour situated in the heart of the High Quercy. Clinging to the 150 m high cliff face dominating the encased valley of the Alzou, Rocamadour “Citadel of faith” is also a foremost tourist destination, one of the most visited in France, with 1.5 million visitors a year. The end of the stage will be judged at the “Paradis du Campeur” campsite at Rocamadour.


                              Etape 19   11/07/2019   Rocamadour -> Argentat     57 km 

After a night at the “Paradis du Campeur”, the FFRT 2019 runners will retake their route north for a few more kilometres in the Lot department. 20 km will, be needed to pick up the quiet country lanes of the Dordogne valley, and the pretty village of Carennac. At 7 km from their after the village of Puyburn, department number changes, it’s number 19 (Corrèze), the same as the number of days run up to now! The rest of the stage will be taken peacefully along the Dordogne River before reaching Argentat for the end of the stage at the “Echo du Malpas” campsite.


                             Etape 20    12/07/2019     Argentat  ->  Salers     58 km

Leaving from the "Echo du Malpas” campsite the FFRT 2019 runners can take advantage for the last time, of the calm banks of the Dordogne. At the outskirts of Argentat and after only 2 km the itinerary will gradually climb to Salers situated at an altitude of 950 m in the Regional Natural Park of the Auvergne Volcanos. 68 km of small country roads with in the background the Puy Mary to reach Salers, an indispensable stage of the region. The FFRT 2019 bivouac will be set up at the municipal campsite.

Murat Cité Médiévale

                                   Etape 21    13/07/2019    Salers  ->   Murat    43km

After a great night’s sleep lulled by the sound of the Salers cowbells, three hilltop passes are to be crossed for this 21st day. The Néronne pass at the 8th km with an altitude of 1242 m, and the Peyrol pass 1588 m altitude at the 20th km. The Peyrol pass has a terrible last 2 km (more than a 13% elevation) proudly defends its title of being the highest road pass in the Massif Central and offers some unobstructed 360° views of the Cantal mounts. This climb was one of the stages of the Tour de France in 2016. After crossing the Pas de Peyrol a 12 km descent to take yet another 3 km climb to reach the Entremont pass. There remains just an 8 km descent to get to Murat, the town of three rocks, one of the oldest towns of the department. The bivouac at the end of this stage is on the banks of the Alagnon River in the municipal campsite “Stalapos”.


                               Etape 22     14/07/2019    Murat -> Saugues    79  km

A long nature stage with elevation differences for this 22nd day of the race. The FFRT 2019 runners starting out from Murat will take the direction of Planèze-de-Saint-Flour on a small road rambling between 1100 m and 900 m altitude, punctuated by typical villages, and this for the first 30 km. From the 35th km a change in scenery to start crossing the Margeride, a mountainous region on the boundaries of the Cantal, the Haute Loire and the Lozère departments. A 14 km climb to reach the highest point of the stage at more than 1370 m. The end of the stage runs downhill to Saugues, the village once part of the Gabalum country, that is to say Gévaudan.

Le Puy en Velay


                                Etape 23   15/07/2019   Saugues ->  Le Puy-en-Velay   43 km

After a night spent in the Saugues campsite at a height of more than 900 m, the FFRT 2019 runners will have only 2 km to climb before plunging towards the Allier gorges and the village of Monistrol at the 16th km. If Paris has its tower, Monistrol has its Eiffel Bridge built in the same period by the same company. At the outskirts of the village a 10 km climb awaits the runners before finally descending to Puy-en-Velay. Puy-en-Velay is the starting point of the Via Podiensis, one of the contemporary itineraries of the pilgrimage on the Saint James of Santiago de Compostella way. To reach the campsite of Bouthezard at the end of this stage, the FFRT 2019 runners will pass in front of the cathedral Notre-Dame-du-Puy and the chapel of the Rocher-Saint-Michel Rock.

Le Cheylard

                  Etape 24    16/07/2019     Le   Puy-en-Velay  ->   Le  Cheylard     65 km

After a night at the foot of the Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe rock, a stage 100% nature awaits the FFRT 2019 runners for this 24th day. After getting to Brives-Charensac and crossing the Loire River towards the Ardèche department. The highest point of this stage will be at the 30th km with an altitude of 1284 m and a 360° panorama on the Vivaries Mounts. 10 km from there, the runners will enjoy the soft descent to the Eyrieux Valley and finally Cheylard with its comfortable campsite where the finish of the stage will be judged.

Crest et sa tour

                               Etape 25    17/07/2019    Le   Cheylard  -> Crest    78 km  

Swimming in the waters of Eyrieyx and a night spent in the Cheylard campsite will revive the FFRT 2019 runners for this new stage made up of a series of descents and climbs (Chalençon at the 23rd km, Vernous-en-Vivarais at the 33rd, the Mure pass at the 40th) until Saint-Laurent-du-Pape at the 50th. From the 5th km you’ll leave the Ardèche department and cross into the Drôme at La-Voult-sur-Rhône. Just 23 km remain to be run to reach Crest and its campsite along the banks of the Drôme River.

Village en pays de Diois

                        Etape 26   18/07/2019   Crest -> Recoubeau-Jansac      52  km

The FFRT 2019 runners will leave the bivouac in the direction of Crest town centre, cross the Drôme and admire once again the celebrated 52 m high Crest Tower. The first 21st km will be run on the D93 road on one side or another of the Drôme to avoid the traffic wherever possible. The runners will then follow the D135 climbing slowly into the very beautiful and typical Roanne valley until they reach at the 41st km the Pennes pass at an altitude of 1040 m. After this last pass the FFRT 2019 runners will have an 11 km downhill run into the Diois region and the “Couriou” **** campsite, 1 km from Rocoubeau-Jansac, for the end of the stage.

Passerelle Mayres-Savel

                 Etape 27    19/07/2019    Recoubeau-Jansac -> Mayres-Savel     62 km

From the start of this 27th stage the FFRT runners will have a 15 km very gentle uphill run before the road leads them to the Menée pass (1436 m) and really climbs to a higher altitude. The Menée pass and its tunnel at the 30th km changes crosses from the Drôme to the Isère department. A 20 km downhill run and the stage will be run along a small hilly road. After the 58th km the runners will take a path leading them over the Drac by a Himalayan gangway (220 m long, 1.2 m wide 45 to 85 m high depending on the water levels), the highlight of this stage! A unique site in Europe this Himalayan gangway as dizzying as it is discrete, in its landscape of woods and minerals opens a magnificent panorama of the Monteynard lac and the surrounding peaks. A few more paths and roads will lead the FFRT 2019 pack to the Mayres-Savel campsite, 4 km further on, for the bivouac at the end of this stage.


Bourg d'Oisans

                     Etape 28     20/07/2019      Mayres-Savel -> Bourg-d'Oisans    60  km 

A decidedly mountainous stage is programmed for this 28th day with the ascent of the d’Ornon pass at an altitude of 1370 metres. Monteynard lakeside to join the Mure River at the 14th km. From the 20th km the FFRT pack will push on through the village of Valbonnais that takes its name from the River Bonne a tributary of the Drac by a small country lane decorated by the Barre des Ecrans. The d’Ornan pass at the 45th km will be easily reached by an easy slope of an average of approximately 3.91%. A 15 km descent awaits the runners in order to reach the Romance valley and Bourg-d’Oisans. The end of stage bivouac is installed in the Cascade campsite just at the foot of the mythic climb of the Alpe d’Huez.          

L'Alpe d'Huez 1860m

                   Etape 29      21/07/2019      Bourg-d'Oisans  -> Alpe d' Huez     14  km

Only 14 km for this 29th stage! A 14 km climb towards the Alpe d’Huez starting from Bourg-d’Oisans. 21 bends to reach the heights of over 1860 m and live the most mythic end of stage of the Tour de France bike race!

This stage will be, for the FFRT 2019 runners a half day rest day to be able to benefit largely of the Alpe d’Huez ski station and apartment accommodation. But before, they must make their way up the 14 km with 1120 m elevation taking them to the Alpe d’Huez. This stage will award the best climbers of the France Footrace Tour 2019.

La montée vers l’Alpe d’Huez en quelques chiffres

  • Nombre de virages : 21
  • Départ de Bourg d’Oisans : 717 m
  • Arrivée Alpe d’Huez : 1860 m
  • Dénivelée : 1121 m
  • Distance : 14,454 km
  • Pente moyenne : 7,9 %
  • Pente maximum : 14 %








             Etape 30    22/07/2019   Alpe d'Huez -> Saint-Colomban-des-Villards     53 km

Downhill, uphill this is the 30th stage of the FFRT 2019! After a comfortable night at the Alpe d’Huez, this new mountain stage will start with a descent to the village of Huez followed by a small climb to the “Pas de la Confession” (1542 m) to then join the village of Villard-Reculas at the 7th km. From there a long downhill run will lead the runners to Lake Verney at the 19th km, the lowest point of the stage (781 m). Just the time to admire the landscape before the FFRT runners start their long way up to the Glandon pass 22 km further on.

At the 37th km the runners will follow along the Grande Maison lakeside and take advantage of the super panorama of the Pic de l’Etendard, not far from the move from the Isère to the Savoie department and the few kilometres left to get to the Glandon pass at 1924 m altitude. After refreshments at the aid station at the peak, à 10 km descent into the beautiful Villards Valley to the village of Saint-Colomban-des-Villards and the campsite for the end of this stage, awaits the runners.

La Rochette


            Etape 31    23/07/2019    Saint-Colomban-des-Villards ->  La  Rochette   56 km 

Yet another downhill start of stage for the FFRT 2019 runners who will leave the Villards Valley and join the Arc Valley at the 15th km. After the 26th km the pack will start changing levels again along 12 km to cross the Massif des Hurtières and reach an altitude of 1200 m at the 38th km. 18, downhill, kilometres are left to run, to reach La Rochette and the municipal campsite where the end of this 31 stage will be judged.

Le Lac du Bourget


                Etape 32     24/07/2019       La  Rochette  ->   Le  Bourget-du-Lac   68 km 

This stage will leave from the La Rochette campsite for 30 km along a hilly road. At the 18th km the FFRT 2019 runners will cross the Isère and take the direction of Cernon. On the outskirts of Cernon the runners will take the D285 end the D285a roads for the climb (10 km) to the only peak for this stage. The Granier pass at 1134 m altitude. The rest of the stage is a downhill run in the direction of Chambéry at the 55th km and the Bourget lake, for a magnificent end of stage in the very comfortable campsite the L’Ile aux Cygnes***.

En route vers le Bugey

             Etape 33     25/07/2019      Le  Bourget-du-Lac  ->  Sault-Brénaz  71 km

After a quiet night on the Bourget lakeside, the day’s stage will not be relaxing for our FFRT 2019 runners. A long stage and elevation is on the menu, but an unobstructed view of the Bourget Lake from the first kilometres on a quiet mountain road takes the pack to the Chat pass at the 8th km. A 12 km downhill run to the village of Lucey to cross the Rhône River. We will leave behind us the Savoie department to discover the Ain. 15 km of a practically flat road will allow the FFRT 2019 runners to admire the very beautiful site of the Lit du Roi Lake and the Rhône by-channel. After Belley, the runners will take the D32 and the D99 to start a slow climb of 22 km to the Portes pass at 1005 m altitude. A 14 km downhill run on a small, very quiet road FFRT runners towards the end of the stage that will be judged, after passing through Sault-Brénaz, at the Isle de la Serre campsite on the banks of the Rhône.

La région de Dombes
             Etape 34     26/07/2019    Sault-Brénaz -> Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne     55 km 

The FFRT 2019 runners have finished the mountain runs, return to the plains with only 409 m of positive elevation for this 34th stage. After 21 km of country roads we will leave the banks of the Rhône to cross the River Ain. The rest of the stage will be an invitation to discover the surprising region of La Dombe, country of a thousand lakes.

The majestic Dombes, situated between Bourg-en-Bresse and Lyon, Rhône and Saône, Dombes is a country of natural savage beauty. Celebrated for its lakes, fauna and flora Dombes is an ideal place to enjoy walking and being in harmony with nature. This stage will arrive at the “Vieux Moulin” campsite at Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne.


Abbaye de Cluny

                    Etape 35     27/07/2019     Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne -> Cluny     56  km

                     The runners will leave the charming village of Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne to join the banks of the River Saône                                                                         and the new region of  Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

19 km of country roads is enough to get the FFRT pack to the Saône and finally leave the Chalaronne Valley after passing through the villages of Saint-Étienne-sur-Chalaronne and Thoissey. 6 km of an agreeable path along the banks of the Saône will follow and take the runners to the outskirts of Macon spread along the Western banks of the Saône between Bresse to the east and the Beaujolais mounts to the south. ! At the 34th km the FFRT runners will take the South Burgundy Greenway (voie verte) - a really pleasant bike path of 22 km taking them to Cluny and the Saint-Vital campsite.

Le canal du Centre à Chagny

                              Etape 36     28/07/2019    Cluny -> Chagny    70  km

After visiting the very famous Cluny Abbey, the FFRT runners will again take to the Greenway bike path of the day before in the direction of Chalon-sur-Saône.

A timeless atmosphere for the start of this mythic stage along the South Burgundy bike path leading to Cormatin and its elegant Renaissance château at the 14th km. The bike path snakes its way between the Côte Chalonnaise and the pretty Grosne valley. The stage follows along the old railway track that snakes along the foot of the côte chalonnais vines. Around the Greenway, are a thousand opportunities to discover a rich heritage of Romanesque churches and out-of-time villages. Le runners will reach Chalon-sur-Saône at the 49th km. Going through Chalon will be easy on the bike path on the side of the Centre canal to follow gently along to Chagny the end of the 36th stage. This stage will be judged at the Paquier Fané campsite, 500 m from the Greenway and 300 m from the centre of Chagny.

Canal de Bourgogne à Pouilly-en-Auxois

                       Etape 37    29/07/2019    Chagny -> Pouilly-en-Auxois    77  km

The start of the 37th stage is a journey through the most beautiful Burgundy vineyards with the names of Puligny-Montracher, Merusault, Pommard… to finally reach at the 25th km Beaune, heir to a rich historical and architectural heritage, seat to numerous wine merchants, Beaune is considered to be the capital for Burgundy wines. At Corgoloin, the 35th km, the FFRT runners will take a slight elevation to slowly leave the Burgundy vineyards.

At the 58th km the FFRT pack will again pick up the pleasant bike path along the Burgundy canal taking them to Pouilly-en-Auxoix for the end of the stage. The FFRT bivouac will be planted for the night in the comfortable Vert-Auxois campsite.



                   Etape 38    30/07/2019     Pouilly-en-Auxois -> Montbard      57 km

After an excellent bœuf bourguignon prepared by our chef and a really peaceful night in the Vert-Auxois campsite at Pouilly-en-Auxois, return to the magnificent Greenway of the Burgundy canal for a further 57 km.

This is a stage run totally along the Greenway of the Burgundy canal taking the FFRT runners from the Auxois country to Montbardois. Here is a landscape of woody hillsides and worn plateaux given over to the white cattle for grazing. At the 40th km the runners will pass close to the Mont Auxois, dominated by the statue of Vercingetorix, where the Gauls were defeated by the Romans. From there only 17 km remain to be run to get to Montbard and its municipal campsite “Les Treilles”.

Fosse Dionne à Tonnerre

                       Etape 39    31/07/2019     Montbard -> Tonnerre    60km

                           From the start of this 39th stage, the runners will take the direction of the historical centre of Montbard,                                                              cross the Brenne   River to meet at the 2nd km the Burgundy canal Greenway.

A second stage run exclusively along the Greenway downhill incline. Punctuated by abbeys, Renaissance châteaux and elegant architectural towns, Ancy-le-Franc is the climax on this stage, still along the Burgundy canal the route snakes through the limestone plateaux of Tonnerois where the famous Burgundy white stone is quarried. At the 51st km the FFRT runners will have the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful Renaissance homes in Burgundy, the Tanley Château. Less than 10 km remain to reach Tonnerre and the “Cascade” campsite on the banks of the Armançon River.


                                Etape 40    01/08/2019    Tonnerre -> Joigny    57  km

The FFRT 2019 runners, for the last time until reaching Migennes at the 45th km, have the occasion to run alongside the Burgundy canal with its downhill profile.

From the Migennes Port, where the River Yonne meets the Burgundy canal, just 12 km remain to be run along quiet roads to reach Joigny at the 55th km and 2 km further on the municipal campsite on the banks of the Yonne where the night will be spent.

Arrivée à Veneux- les- Sablons

                           Etape 41     02/08/2019    Joigny -> Veneux-les-Sablons    73 km

After the night in the Joigny municipal campsite, the FFRT runners will follow alongside the Yonne for close to 16 km; from the 21st km the route will take a slight elevation until reaching Villeneuve-la-Donbragre, the rest of the stage will be a flat, descent to Moret-sur-Loing (70th km), a small medieval village on the edge of the Fontainebleau forest on the banks of the Loing. A few kilometres from there (3 km) the Arrival of the 41st stage will be judged at the “Courtilles du Lido” campsite at Veneux-les-Sablons as did the 2nd stage of the 2015 edition.

Le Château de Fontainebleau

                  Etape 42     03/08/2019    Veneux-les-Sablons -> Mondeville   39 km

42nd and penultimate stage for the FFRT 2019 runner. A beautiful ramble that starts with the Fontainebleau château and more than 8 km in the middle of the Fontainebleau forest. This stage, in common with the 2015 Tour de France Footrace, was retraced to be more in touch with nature and well-away from the busy highways. The arrival will be at the “Nid Vert” campsite at Mondeville.

Paris La Tour Eiffel

                       Etape 43    04/08/2019    Mondeville -> Paris - Tour Eiffel   62 km

The last stage, the one we all dream of, the one where we imagine the last kilometres, the last metres and at last the taste of victory, arms raised to the top of the Eiffel Tower - a liberation.

From the “Nid Vert” campsite at Mondeville, the FFRT runners will have 62 km to run before reaching Paris and the Eiffel Tower. This last stage is the same as the 1st stage of the 2015 Tour de France Footrace. Approaching the capital will be taken along the “Coulée Verte” (bike and hiking path) from Massy (45th km). This Coulée Verte will take the runners to the Catalogne Square and from there just 3.5 km remain for the FFRT 2019 runners to reach the Eiffel Tower.

Mt-St-Michel - Saint-Malo
Bus des mers St Malo
Dinard -St-Méen-le-Grand
Canal Brest à Nantes
St-Méen - Roc-St-André
Roc-St-André - Guenrouet
Château de La Groulais
Guenrouet - Nantes
Les Machines de l'île
Nantes - Port-Saint-Père
Bac sur la Loire à Indre
Festival à tout vent
 Port-St-Père - Ntre-Dame
La forêt pays de Monts
La Vendée littorale
Ntre-Dame -Sables-d'Olonne
Les marais salants
La Tranche s/ mer
Les Sables - Marans
Les Marais
Le Marais Poitevin
La Rochelle
Marans -Port-des-Barques
Rochefort s/ mer
Carrelet Port des Barques
Port-des-Barques - Royan
Royan by nigth
Royan - Blaye
Talmont sur Gironde
Les grands crus
 Blaye - Bordeaux - Créon
la bastide de Créon
Roger Lapébie 1937
Créon - La Réole
La bastide de Sauveterre
Mailhan sur Garonne
La Réole - Clairac
Garonne et canal
Villeneuve sur Lot
Clairac - Fumel
Beaubourg & Fumel
La vallée du Lot
Fumel - Cahors
Cahors le pont Valentré
Maison Lotoise
Cahors - Rocamadour
La Dordogne Beaulieu
Rocamadour - Argentat
Le village de Carennac
Argentat - Salers
Le fromage de Salers AOC
Salers - Murat
Vache de la race salers
La bête du Gévaudan
Murat - Saugues
La dentelle du Puy
Saugues-Le Puy-en-Velay
La Fayette
Chateau de Rochebonne
Le Puy - Le Cheylard
Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc
Le village de Chalençon
Le Cheylard - Crest
Le Rhône à La Voulte
Crest -Recoubeau-Jansac
La vallée de La Roanne
Col de Menée 1457m
Recoubeau- Mayres-Savel
Lac de Monteynard
Mayres - Bourg-d'Oisans
Le Valbonnais
La montée l'Alpe d'Huez

Hiroko et Christian  sacrés meilleurs grimpeurs du Tour de France Footrace  2015 lors de l'étape du Mt Ventoux

Lac de Grand Maison
Alpe d'Huez-St-Colomban
Col du Glandon
St Colomban-La Rochette
Massif des Hurtières
Le col du Granier
Rochette-Le Bourget-Lac
Le lac du Bourget
La route du col du Chat
Lac Bourget-Sault-Brénaz
Le Rhône à Sault-Brénaz
Sault-Brénaz - Châtillon
La Saône à Mâcon
Châtillon -Cluny
Pays Mâconnais
Le Canal du Centre
Cluny - Chagny
La Bourgogne
Le bœuf Bourguignon
Pouilly - Montbard
Montbard - Tonnerre
Le Château de Tanlay
Tonnerre - Joigny
Pont canal St FLorentin.
Joigny -Veneux/Sablons
Moret- sur- Loing
Veneux - Mondeville
La forêt vu du ciel
Mondeville -Paris
Arrivée du T2FFR 2015
Les derniers kilomètres...
Arrivée sur la Tour Eiffel...
La course pédestre la plus longue de France
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